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STRANGE UNIVERSE RADIO (SUR) is a talk radio program like no other! Hosted by Sean David Morton with live shows Monday-Friday 3-5pm Pacific Time, 6-8pm Eastern. Listen to the broadcast live on your computer at or on your mobile device with the TuneIn Ap.  Can't listen live? No problem! You can become a part of the this Strange Universe by being a Member, which allows you access to the show archives to download in MP3 format. We are also working on exclusive Member content with videos, newsletter downloads and much more!


SUV is the best talk radio program on real, hard-hitting, alternative news stories and opinions on far-ranging topics and events from Conspiracy Theories and Current Events, to Paranormal, World News, Health & Nutrition, Science, Politics, Religion, Entertainment, Music and Pop-Culture, all with a sense of humor, smile and style (and cats!)

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A lone Jesuit priest, Father Dominic Lindquist, a spy for the most powerful and feared Secret Society on Earth, has gone rogue to unravel a conspiracy to bring about Armageddon. From the filthy, vice-ridden back streets of Paris and running gun battles in the bazaars of Istanbul to the gilded, hallowed halls of Vatican City, Lindquist moves in a corrupt world behind the purple and gold of Papal power.  A world of despotic men who will go to any extremes to maintain control of Mankind and Humanity's future.

A fanatical cabal within the Church has aided former Nazis in the creation of an advanced DNA-SPECIFIC "GENE-BOMB." With it Hitler's ultimate dream can finally be realized: The Mass Extermination of the Jewish Race.


Unraveling at BREAKNECK SPEED, with more hair-pin twists and turns than a Monaco mountain road, Lindquist races against time to unravel the conspiracy of cardinals aligned against him inside the Vatican. Their plan: assassinate the Pope, and bring about Hitler's FINAL SOLUTION with the ultimate weapon, CODE-NAMED: BLACK SERAPH.








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January 24 to 31, 2016

Los Angeles to the Pacific Coast of Mexico


Sail the Magnificent Mexican Riviera and Awaken to the Truth that Sets Us Free during our 7-Night Holistic "Conspira-Sea Cruise"

Ports of Call: Our 7-night cruise begins in Los Angeles and sails to the beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico. Our Ports of Call include Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta.


The purpose of this cruise is NOT about being a victim of conspiracies. It is about taking back our power, discovering the truth, and taking command of our lives. This cruise will not only uncover the lies. It will show us the truth. As we dispel the darkness, and shine the light of wisdom, we enter the true light of consciousness.


And we are set free. ALL are welcome to discover the real truth, together.

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