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​STRANGE UNIVERSE RADIO (SUR) is a talk radio program like no other! Hosted by Sean David Morton with live shows Monday-Friday 3-5pm Pacific Time, 6-8pm Eastern. Listen to the broadcast live on your computer at or on your mobile device with the TuneIn Ap.  Can't listen live? No problem! You can become a part of the this Strange Universe by being a Member, which allows you access to the show archives to download in MP3 format. We are also working on exclusive Member content with videos, newsletter downloads and much more!


SUV is the best talk radio program on real, hard-hitting, alternative news stories and opinions on far-ranging topics and events from Conspiracy Theories and Current Events, to Paranormal, World News, Health & Nutrition, Science, Politics, Religion, Entertainment, Music and Pop-Culture, all with a sense of humor, smile and style (and cats!)

Guided by Spirit and Ascended Masters, Sean is directed to use a variety of modalities such as remote viewing, his natural abilities and multi-deck tarot. This provides a unique and personal intuitive reading, which may also include a scan of the physical and astral body, intuitive healing and advice to assist you with your daily life and spiritual path. Each session is individualized.

1.     Astrological natal birth chart

2.     Sabian Symbol and interpretation

3.     Progressed astrological chart

4.     3-month forecast

5.     Atro-cartography, an explanation of your power places

6.     Tarot Reading to answer questions

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