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The Violet Fire and God Force Meditation


The violet Fire Meditation was taken from Sean David Morton’s sold out seminars and workshops. Once of the greatest tools ever presented for cleansing, forgiveness, peace of mind, calmness of the spirit and healing of the physical/mental/spiritual boy. It can also heal our relationships, our nation and our world. The ultimate power of the violet flame is in its non-resistance. It takes in ALL the energy around us in our hectic and chaotic lives, and transmutes it into the golden light, heat and power of the Creator. You will be cleansed and transformed as you feel this loving violet light burn out the anger worry, doubt and fear from every part of your body.

The God Force Meditation – At the root of all beliefs, scripture, dogma and religion, is the all-powerful, timeless, space less divine union with the Godhead of the Creator. Taught to him by a mysterious guru in India, Sean brought this meditation to the West and taught it to thousands of people who have become enraptured by the experience. Many teachers promise to “RELEASE THE GIANT/POWER/FORCE WITHIN!” this meditation DELIVERS! Be prepared for a life-altering journey on this path to bliss, ecstasy and the infinite power that lies within all of us when we connect to THE SOURCE.

Hear the live exercises used in Sean’s smash hit seminars mixed with ocean, waterfalls, Tibetan Chants, recordings of the Earth and Neptune (ruler of dreams and the subconscious). We also use the actual stunning sound of an Andromedan Mother ship taken from our vast library of UFO contact data. All this, combined with soothing music and Sean’s guiding, gentle, powerful voice, is designed to align the left and right hemispheres of your brain and to transform, transmute, empower, enlighten and heal yourself and our world. It makes for a journey you’ll wants to share and take again and again!

Violet Fire/God Force Meditation
Remote Healing Meditation


For Healing and Prosperity


Prepare for an amazing journey into that grand and vast Undiscovered Country that lies behind your eyes.


Take a fantastic voyage aboard a mighty Starship of your own design, that can travel through both time and space, as Sean David Morton is your guide and tutor in a Mind Trek that will take you into your past and FUTURE lives.


You will learn the simple and elegant modalities of how to use color and techniques of visualization, to bridge the void of Time and Space, and HEAL anyone you desire, learning the all powerful lesson of guided and directed prayer, to heal anyone, no matter how remote they are from you physically.  Using special sonic effects, we take you on a healing journey into your past lives. Learn HOW to fix problems and injuries we have carried with us from life to life!


And finally, blast into the future to see what your next life will hold, and how you can achieve unlimited love and prosperity in the here and now! Explore the Final Frontier: the space inside your heart!





12 Chakra Balancing Meditation