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A lone Jesuit priest, Father Dominic Lindquist, a spy for the most powerful and feared Secret Society on Earth, has gone rogue to unravel a conspiracy to bring about Armageddon. From the filthy, vice-ridden back streets of Paris and running gun battles in the bazaars of Istanbul to the gilded, hallowed halls of Vatican City, Lindquist moves in a corrupt world behind the purple and gold of Papal power. A world of despotic men who will go to any extremes to maintain control of Mankind and Humanity's future.


A fanatical cabal within the Church has aided former Nazis in the creation of an advanced DNA-SPECIFIC "GENE-BOMB." With it Hitler's ultimate dream can finally be realized: The Mass Extermination of the Jewish Race.


Unraveling at BREAKNECK SPEED, with more hair-pin twists and turns than a Monaco mountain road, Lindquist races against time to unravel the conspiracy of cardinals aligned against him inside the Vatican. Their plan: assassinate the Pope, and bring about Hitler's FINAL SOLUTION with the ultimate weapon, CODE-NAMED: BLACK SERAPH.

Black Seraph Audio Book

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