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As Dr. Theodore Humphrey Jr. stood in front of the turbulent, glowing, pulsing portal before him, knowing, when he stepped inside, it would take him to another time and place. He hated the events that brought him to this moment. He had been careful to cover his tracks before diving head first into this maelstrom of the Space/Time Continuum, even making arrangements for his will to be carried out by The Group after his departure. But it was all in vain! One after another, worlds he visited had been devastated and destroyed. The ravaging alien forces were headed for Earth, but he discovered they were hunting him, Ted Humphrey, for the galactic bounty on his head, worth more than whole solar systems, and even upon his return...the hunt continued! On Earth! Who was the traitor that had given these planet-killing marauders the ability to track him? Was it all part of a greater and much grander plan to blame The Group for a cataclysmic terrorist event so it would be ultimately dismantled so Earth would be left defenseless? To uncover the truth, Ted's only option is to turn to "The Visitor" he knows he cannot trust.

Sands of Time Book 4: Time Runner - Act One

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