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The Sumar hail from the red giant of ALDEBARAN in the eye of the Taurus. Starting the Babylonian Civilization which enslaved the Israeliztes and still enslaves us today with their interest banking system. Then the Empire of Rome, and another failed 1,000 year Reich with the German Nazis. They have genetically designed HUMANITY over millions of years to be their slaves, drove the Reptilian Race underground and wiped out the dinosaurs in their last great war and now return to Earth, once more to destroy us and establish their rule yet again!  FOREVER!

And now led by the despicably evil Anne Corbett and the newly resurrected ghoul of Dr. Simon Ratterman!
But this time Dr. Ted Humphrey, wielding his TIME RUNNER, the most dangerous weapon in the Universe, along with the independent MRC and his trans-dimensional woman EMMA, are all that stand in their way!

Sands of Time Book 7: The Summarian War

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