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"This is one of the greatest, most MIND BLOWING books I have ever read! It is THE TOTAL SH*T!" ~Typical UFO Skeptic PODCAST~


A TOUR DE FORCE! The totally true non-fiction Above Top Secret diary from INSIDE The INNER WORKINGS and what drove the OCCULT HEART of Hitler's Third Reich!Five beyond beautiful, naked, long haired mystic women, wielding the sexulal power of the infinite VRIL FORCE, channelling ET Beings who have oppressed Mankind for millions of years. Read how they shaped the destiny of WWII and the 20th Century!Written by Baron Wilhelm Ritter Von Spottenheim who housed in his mysterious castle, funded and loved them while they gave the Nazis super-science and the secrets of "RAUM FLUGEN!" SPACE FLIGHT! And on March 11, 1945, allowed hundreds of Nazi scientists to flee to the stars!"


NO ONE IS STAYING HERE! WE ARE ALL GOING HOME!" ~March 11, 1945 --Maria Orsic~

The Vril-Damen Diaries (Sands of Time Book 6: Interlude)

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