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For Healing and Prosperity


Prepare for an amazing journey into that grand and vast Undiscovered Country that lies behind your eyes.


Take a fantastic voyage aboard a mighty Starship of your own design, that can travel through both time and space, as Sean David Morton is your guide and tutor in a Mind Trek that will take you into your past and FUTURE lives.


You will learn the simple and elegant modalities of how to use color and techniques of visualization, to bridge the void of Time and Space, and HEAL anyone you desire, learning the all powerful lesson of guided and directed prayer, to heal anyone, no matter how remote they are from you physically.  Using special sonic effects, we take you on a healing journey into your past lives. Learn HOW to fix problems and injuries we have carried with us from life to life!


And finally, blast into the future to see what your next life will hold, and how you can achieve unlimited love and prosperity in the here and now! Explore the Final Frontier: the space inside your heart!

Remote Healing Guided Meditation

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