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A dark star rises in the East. A long-lost unholy book with mystic powers surfaces in the hands of a charismatic madman who claims to be the long-prophesied 12th Iman, the Great Madhi known as The Veiled Prophet. He begins to unite the fractured Islamic world, torn apart by revolution, for a new bloody Crusade between the Cross and the Crescent that will soon engulf all of Mankind.

Bishop Dominic Lindquist is pulled from exile and made the leader of a new Order of Knights with all the might and influence of the Catholic Church as his beck and call. His Mission: to stop the Veiled Prophet at all costs. Lindquist must now make a terrible choice; to leave the gentile world of academia and become once again the Church’s brutal Black Seraph; his alter-ego-, the terrifying Abdul the Bandit, and immerse himself in the dark world of international terrorism and intrigue.


He embarks on a globe spanning race against time, as the Dark Prophet gathers millions of fanatical followers, and one Islamic nation after another falls under his malefic spell, as he marches relentlessly to establish his new empire in the former heart of Muslim power: Cordoba, Spain.
But Lindquist discovers resources to accomplish his goal, and defeat not only the veiled prophet, but also a far more sinister and ancient cabal behind his plot for ultimate power and world war.

The Dark Prophet Audio Part 1

SKU: DkPAudioPrt1
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